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When Does Presbyopia (老花眼) Stop Progressing?

If you just started developing Presbyopia or have been wearing progressive lenses for a while now. You may be wondering when will the condition actually stop worsening?

Presbyopia is an eye condition that commonly diagnosed in many people over age 40. It is a situation when an individual loses his/her ability to focus clearly at a distance that used to be natural and comfortable. The condition set in naturally over many years and most people do not notice small vision changes and delay seeking professional help until the focusing problems interfere with their daily life.

Common symptoms experienced by someone with Presbyopia is frequent blurry vision at near, headaches and eye strain.

Nothing can be done to prevent Presbyopia. It is an inevitable part of aging. Once you have been diagnosed with Presbyopia, it cannot be reversed. It will continue to worsen as we get older. Vision changes stop around age 65 on average.

Do not forget to allow your eyes to focus on objects at far distances away to give your eyes a rest from close work. People who do a lot of close visual work such as computer or intensive reading may develop presbyopia earlier than others. Also, prepare a bright lighting to help in focusing when doing near work.

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