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What Do You Have to Consider Before You Purchase Your First Reading Glasses?

If you are starting to hold your book further than usual, it is probably time to consider a new frame and prescriptive lenses. Other than holding your book further than usual, you experience the symptoms such as noticing objects nearby are out of focus, inability to focus on words when trying to read, eye strain, eye fatigue or drowsiness after prolonged hours of near work and frequent headaches.

The signs you need reading glasses are easy to spot now. What’s more difficult is making your next move. Yes you need them but what kind and when? Can you eyes last another year?

Many will find it convenient to head over grab a pair of ready-made readers at pharmacy or grocery stores. That solution, however, could only be as long lasting as the expiration dates on the canned goods nearby. While these readers are easy to access, the lenses are not customized to our eyes. They are universal while our vision problems are not.

With that said: 1. You ought to pick a suitable frame for yourself. Not too narrow or wide to ensure the sitting of the frame on your face is comfortable.

2. Know what is your visual demands, do you spend most of your time on books, computers or outdoors? Lenses will be customized differently for various visual demands. Discuss this with your Optometrist or Optician to understand what other lenses are available

3. Consider additional coating to be add on with your new prescription lenses to protect your eye from harmful blue light emitting from digital devices.

Do not forget to have visual breaks to rest your eyes when doing near work. This will reduce the frequent discomfort such as eye strain and headaches.

Find out how to get an eyecheck and discuss the possible treatments which is best suited for you with our Optometrist and Optician today. Click here, email emmevisioncare@gmail.com or contact +65 9383 8569 for further inquiries.

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