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Time For Soft Contact Lens In Teenagers?

Many Singapore teenagers in school years are considering replacing their eyeglasses for soft contact lenses. Mainly for cosmetic reasons. There are other reasons why teenagers in Singapore want to make the switch to contact lenses too. Most corrections for the eyes are easily treated with contact lenses, even for astigmatism. Most of the time teenagers will see well as compared to contact lenses as they do with eyeglasses, sometimes even better. Contact lenses offer clearer field of view and less distortion than glasses because contact lenses sit directly on the eye itself, there is no prescriptive lenses or frame to limit vision.

Teenagers who are involved in sports will appreciate contact lenses. Wearing these lenses for recreational sports give them clearer vision and allows them the freedom in sports. There is a probability a contact lens will dislodged or lost during sports play, but replacing a contact lens is much less expensive than replacing an entire pair of glasses. Allowing teenagers to wear contact lenses for vision correction may encourage them to wear sunglasses frequently in our hot sunny Singapore as well. They will only need to carry a pair of sunglasses, rather than prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Protecting the eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is important in the long run for healthy eyes and vision.

Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses Make It Simpler

Most parents in Singapore are concerned about the amount of lens care involved in wearing contact lenses. Today, most lens care systems are effective in disinfecting contact lenses.

With daily disposable soft contact lenses, most of the lens care systems are eliminated.

Another parental concern is teenagers’ responsibility for their own contact lenses. Most teenagers are mature enough to wear and care for their contact lenses. As a parent, you know your child best. Discuss all your concerns with your child and your Optometrist. If your Optometrist is not comfortable with your child, contact lenses will not be prescribed. Contact lens wear should be discontinued if your child is not following the contact lens wear and care guidelines.

When Singapore teenagers bear some of the financial responsibility for their own contact lenses, they often value contact lens much more. Consider encouraging your child to contribute part or all the cost of contact lenses, contact lens examination, contact lens solution and replacement of lost or torn lenses.

Self-Confidence Booster For Teenagers: Soft Contact Lenses

The greatest benefit of wearing contact lenses is the significant increase in self-confidence your child may experience.

In a research called the Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision Empowerment (ACHIEVE) study, researchers looked into psychological effects that contact lens wear had on young teenagers who switched from glasses to contact lenses for a period of three years.

The researchers found that contact lenses significantly improve how teenagers feel about their physical appearance, acceptance among friends and ability to play sports. Female teenagers feels a boost in self-esteem from wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses even make teenagers more confident in themselves, according to the study’s lead investigator.

Find out how to contact lenses are fitted in our eye and discuss the different types of soft contact lenses which is best suited for you and your child with our Optometrist and Optician today. Email emmevisioncare@gmail.com or contact +65 9383 8569 for further inquiries.

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