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Ms Tiffany Ee Shares her Experience in Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses has been a popular topic among Optometrist. Specialty Contact Lenses, such as Orthokeratology lenses, Hybrid Lenses and Scleral Lenses have been used in practices mainly for myopia control treatment, distorted corneas and/or visual loss which cannot be corrected by regular ophthalmic lenses or contact lenses. With the technology available, the precision of these lenses can reach up to each individual curves of an eye.

Ms Tiffany Ee, Optometrist at EMM3 Visioncare at Harbourfront Centre, speaks at the 2019 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme for Optometrists and Opticians at Farrer Park Hospital by giving a talk titled "Adding Value to the Optometric Practice with Specialty Lenses" and "Better Understanding of Ortho-K and Scleral Lenses". The talk was held at the TK Low Academic Specialist Centre on 20 February 2019.

In her talk, Ms Ee discussed the needs of conducting comprehensive eye examination as well as their causes and management. Using visuals in her presentation, Ms Ee showed that equipment such as Topographer has to be used to ensure the reliability of the curves of an eye to ensure the fitting of these lenses are accurate. This allows the patient who has undergo these Specialty Contact Lenses treatment to achieve better visual outcome. Ms Ee also shared with the audience the various type of contact lenses solutions that are available in the market. Depending of the patient's sensitivity, these solutions may have an adverse effect such as irritation and discomfort upon wearing. Ms Ee stressed the importance of a thorough eye examination and understanding the visual demands and lifestyle of the patients before recommending a particular type of contact lenses.

Overall, fitting these Specialty Contact Lenses is generally a safe treatment. One should consider these lenses when vision is not at its best.

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