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Does Your Child Need Sunglasses?

Children need sunglasses when they are outdoors. Damages to the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure is cumulative over our lifetime. As kids spend a longer number of hours outdoors compared to most adults in Singapore, sunglasses that block 100% UV are especially important in these young children.

Wearing sunglasses during childhood may play an important role in preventing eye problems later in life that have been highly associated with cumulative UV exposure, including cataracts, pterygium, pinguecula, macular degeneration and photokeratitis (sunburn eyes).

UV rays are not the only potential danger from sunlight. In the recent researches, long-term exposure to high energy visible blue light from sunlight can potentially cause eye damage over time, including the risk of macular degeneration later in life.

Children’s eyes are more vulnerable to UV and blue light than adult eyes. This is because the lens inside a child’s eye is less capable of filtering these high-energy light rays. That is why it is wise for kids to start wearing protective sunglasses outdoors as early in life as possible.

The level of UV protection sunglasses provide has no influence with the color of the lenses. As long as your Optometrist or Optician has certified that these lenses block 100% of the UV rays, the choice of color and tint is a matter of personal preference.

Another great option is eyeglasses with transition lenses which are clear indoors and dark automatically when it is exposed to sunlight. Transitions lenses eliminate the need for two pairs of spectacles for children who need vision correction.

Schedule an eyecheck and discuss the different options which is best suited for your child with our Optometrist and Optician today. Click here, email emmevisioncare@gmail.com or contact +65 9383 8569 for further inquiries.

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