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Meet Sheena, story of a Digital Eye Strain Survivor

Meet Sheena Lim, a 26 years old Senior Executive Human Resource, who spends almost 12 hours a day in front of her computer screen for the past 3.5 years. Sheena also uses her phone for internet, social media, watching videos and emails. Recently, she is experiencing headaches and strained eyes with dryness.

When Sheena first presented her problems to us, she showed a great concern about her eyes. For someone who has no problems with eyes before, this is alarming for her! A series of eye checks were conducted and Sheena’s concern is highly associated with Digital Eye Strain. Sheena does not wear any eyeglasses at all and would love to find out the best solutions possible for her.

Digital Eye Strain is a condition where an individual experiences eye or vision discomfort from viewing prolonged usage of digital screens (computer, tablet and/or smartphone). The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of digital screen use. Sheena was prescribed Crizal® Eyezen™, an advanced single vision lens to treat her Digital Eye Strain.

With an increase in digital technology and these digital devices have become a key part in most Singaporeans’ lives. Most Singaporeans spend 12hrs and 42mins a day on average. Many individuals, (i.e Sheena) suffer from physical discomfort after prolonged hours of screen use. In a recent survey, nearly 30 percent report their sleep has been negatively affected by digital devices.

Digital Eye Strain not only affects your eyes with dryness, headaches and occasional blurred vision, Sheena’s back and shoulders also aches all the time after a long day at work.

We are happy when our customers are happy too. Find out how Crizal® Eyezen™ can help your digital eye strain.

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