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6 Ways to Recognize That You May Have Presbyopia (老花眼)

As we grow older, the natural lens in our eye becomes increasingly inflexible, making it harder to focus clearly on near objects. This is called Presbyopia (老花眼). No one knows exactly what causes the lens to become inflexible, but it happens to everyone as a natural part of aging.

In order for us to see images clearly, light rays enter the eye, where the lens bends and focuses the rays on the retina. The lens changes shape to allow the eye to focus on objects at different distances. Beginning early in life, perhaps as early as age 10, our lens gradually stiffen and begin to lose the ability to change shape. By the time we are in our 40s, the lens has trouble focusing up close, and we begin to experience blurred vision when we try to do tasks that require up-close focus, such as reading or needlework. The lens continues to stiffen until about age 65, when nearly all its flexibility has been lost.

Presbyopia eventually affects everyone, even people who are already farsighted (hyperopic) or nearsighted (myopic). People who are farsighted already need to work when focusing on near objects, they may experience presbyopia a little earlier in life. People who are nearsighted will still experience presbyopia when wearing their corrective glasses or contact lenses for distance. However, for looking at objects or letters closer to them, they will likely be able to see quite clearly when they take off their glasses. This is where the term “nearsighted” comes from.

Here are 6 ways which you can self-monitor to see whether you have Presbyopia: 1. Words become blurred at a reading distance that used to be comfortable.

2. Reading materials such as handphones, newspapers and books must be held further away from your eyes to make the reading materials clearer and sharper in order to see details.

3. Increase the brightness of your surrounding to see clearly

4. Difficult reading late at night, or when you are tired or stressed.

5. Your eyes become uncomfortable in a short period of time when it was comfortable the whole day last time.

6. You suffered from headaches due to eye strain.

There are many people over the age of 40 start to experience some of these symptoms. Most of the time the condition sets in gradually over many years and many people do not notice a small vision changes and delay seeking professional help until the focusing problems at near work interfere with their daily life.

People who do a lot of close visual work are higher to develop presbyopia earlier than others. If you do a lot of close work, take a 10-minute break every one to two hours to relieve strain on the eyes. Allow your eyes to focus on objects long distance away to give your eyes a rest from close focusing.

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