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5 Ways Ultraviolet Rays Can Cause Damage To Your Eyes

Spending too much time under the sun without UV protection? Not knowing how sunlight can damage your eyes?

There are two types of UV rays: UV-A and UV-B: UV-A can cause damage to your macula (central vision) and part of retina at the back of your eye. UV-B is mainly absorbed by your front part of the eye (cornea and crystalline lens). These rays can cause more damage to your eyes as compared to UV-A rays.

Here are 5 ways your eyes may have changed under prolonged sunlight:

  1. Reports have shown UV rays can penetrate into the macular pigments found in eye which accelerate the progression and leads to Macular Degeneration.

  2. UV rays, especially UV-B rays can cause some forms of cataracts. A cataract is a clouding of your eye’s natural lens, a part of the eye that focuses the light we see.

  3. Another UV-related problem is a growth called pterygium. The growth beings on the white of the eye and may involve the cornea. Eventually, the growth may block vision. It is very common in people who work outside in the sun.

  4. Skin cancer around the eyelids is also linked to prolonged UV exposure.

  5. Photokeratitis, also known as Corneal Sunburn, is the result of high short-term exposure to UV-B rays. Long hours at the beach or skiing without proper eye protection can cause this problem. It is very painful and may cause temporary vision loss.

Get your eyes check today to find out whether you have any of these conditions mentioned above! Get to know what is the best UV protection available with us. As it is better to be safe than sorry, schedule an appointment today!

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