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Why Essilor Varilux X-Design is EMME Visioncare’s Preferred Progressive Lens?

Essilor Varilux® X Design™: the progressive lens that moves with today’s world

The vision needs of presbyopes have changed significantly. Compared to the past when they merely needed the ability to read from a single distance, today presbyopes are faced with multiple tasks that involve near vision and beyond. As a result, progressive lens design has to keep pace with the ever changing dynamics and respond more effectively to the needs of a new generation of wearers. Essilor came up with Varilux® X Design™ lens and it is designed to offer an expanded field of near vision and improved visual comfort for all vision within arm’s reach. Let’s examine the driving principle behind Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens and understand how EMME Visioncare can ensure that this new generation of progressive lenses is more than capable of matching up to the demanding vision needs of today’s presbyopes .

New vision needs for near vision and beyond Gen X - those born between 1965 and 1980 - have very different vision requirements from their elders. Gone are the days of reading at one (single) near distance; instead, their entire near space is used to carry out multiple tasks with near vision up to arm’s length.

The advent of digital tools like computers, tablets, smartphones have radically transformed their near-vision needs. Working on computer screens, reviewing documents, typing on a keyboard, watching videos, answering their mobile phones, sending text messages, sharing data with their family and friends, etc, these Presbyopes are not only reading but also performing multiple tasks at a near-intermediate distance between 40-70cm. Their vision is dynamic and numerous distances are involved. Therefore they need to be able to shift smoothly from one task to another, without being held back by their vision. A new methodology of studying today's wearers' needs

The Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens is designed to offer these wearers an extended near vision within arm’s reach that meets their demanding vision needs more effectively than a conventional progressive lens. Essilor gathered a team of specialists from a variety of disciplines, including ergonomists, physiologists, sociologists and optic designers. Together, they studied expectations and behaviours among today’s wearers, developed new research methods for observing their day to day experience as closely as possible and learned more about these wearers’ needs, both presbyopes and consumers.

They drew on a range of new research resources, including:

  • A test house, the HouseLab™, where consumers were observed and interviewed while immersed in a natural but controlled environment in which they could perform routine daily activities.

  • A laboratory for evaluating wearers’ behaviour, the Essilor’s Movis Laboratory. This lab is used to capture wearers’ postures and movements in real time as they perform simple tasks such as working on a computer, reading on an e-reader, writing emails, playing video games, watching videos on tablets, using and sending messages on a smartphone, etc.

These new techniques provide insights (pictured below) into each wearer’s needs and were instrumental in the designing process of the Varilux® X Design™ progressive lens.

Technology behind a vision revolution: the Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens The Varilux® X Design™ is the result of the combination of three breakthrough technologies; Xtend Technology

Dramatically reduce unnecessary head movements when trying to find the sweet spot of the lens. Xtend technology has optimised the near vision zone of your lenses allowing you to capture all crucial information 40-70cm away, with one gaze. Your smartphone, desk, book, children, grandchildren, everything that truly matters to you.

Nanoptix Technology

No sensation of loss of balance when moving, resulting in a comfortable wearing experience from day one. Nanoptix technology will re-engineer your lenses to virtually reduce image distortions, making it even easier to wear varifocal lenses. You’ll never want to take them off.

Synchroneyes Technology

Maximum fields of vision, so you can see all vital information. Synchroneyes technology designs your lenses so that they work together, just like your eyes, to create a seamless image. All details will be clear, edge to edge, even if they’re not right in front of you.

Previous varifocal lenses required wearers to point their nose in the direction they would like to see. The Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens dramatically reduce the need for this unnecessary head movement. You no longer have to struggle to find the sweet spot of the lenses to see clearly. With the Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens, you can see through any part of the lenses and it’s enhanced vision allows you to see near, far and everything in between clearly and seamlessly. The Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens is the best Varilux varifocal lens for sharpness and fluid vision when looking at something close to something far away. Your new lenses will keep up with your everyday needs.

High quality visioncare and modern technology

At EMME Visioncare, we firmly believe in providing high quality vision care and optometric services with modern technology and equipment to meet the visual needs of our customers. And sometimes, having the best products is often not enough. We believe that fitting the best products with the most suitable modern technology and equipment will ensure the high quality of vision care for our customers.

That’s why we have acquired the Essilor Eye-Ruler™ 2 to better fit the Varilux® X Design™ Progressive lens for our customers. The Essilor Eye-Ruler™ 2 is a digital measuring device that offers real innovation in the first tier of personalization. Lens personalisation enhances patient’s lenses to deliver the best possible vision and the best postural comfort.

Near vision behavior personalization enabled for the first time

With the Essilor Eye-Ruler™ 2, we are finally able to personalise the Near Vision Behaviour of our customers. Near Vision Behavior (NVB) personalization aims to ensure lenses are designed and tailored as closely as possible to the wearer’s specific posture and behavior during near vision work. The individual’s postural behavior is measured and analyzed before a personalized design is computed. In short, your Varilux® X Design™ lens is totally customized.

EMME Visioncare has always made giving customers the best her mission. With the Essilor Eye-Ruler™ 2, we are confident that your Varilux® X Design™ lens will be the most comfortable Progressive lens you will ever have worn. And we are pleased to announce that there will be an exclusive Varilux® X Design™ Deal from November to December 2019. Hurry down to our store at HarbourFront Centre #02-91 (opposite Song Fa Bak Kut Teh) today!

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