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Change the way you think about Optometry.

EMME Visioncare is so much more than about glasses. We are dedicated to primary eye care, which means you can come see us first about any concern you have about your eyes. Besides vision correction, our team of optometrists and opticians is endorsed by the Optometrist and Optician Board to prescribe ophthalmic lenses for vision correction and therapeutic contact lenses.

We place the care of your eyes and eye health first.

Which is why, at our practice you'll notice most of our premises is dedicated to eye testing and clinical care, with a complete suite of the latest in advanced eye care diagnostic technologies. We are not just another glasses shop.

And as we believe that personalised eye care should be accessible to all, our comprehensive vision and eye health consultations. For everyone.

We are dedicated to helping children with myopia.

Our optometrist has an interest in myopia control and orthokeratology to prevent and slow the progression of short-sightedness in kids and teenagers.

As a small practice which offers a complete range of evidence-based myopia management options — including both optical and medical treatments — we are proud of what we do to prevent vision deterioration in children and to give them the best possible vision in life. As a parent you can expect our unbiased professional opinion as to which myopia control strategy is best for your child.

Preventative eye care is what this practice is about.​ Discover why parents from all across Singapore are choosing EMME Visioncare for their children's vision care.

The myopia epidemic is real.

Short-sightedness is not just a vision issue, or a matter of wearing glasses. It is an eye condition with potentially serious consequences and risk of permanent vision impairment. While wearing glasses or contact lenses help to temporarily mask this condition by eliminating blur, a short-sighted eye is more prone to developing disease as the eye has been physically and permanently stretched from growing too long. Myopia is a children's health issue.

​More kids around the world are developing vision problems from myopia, and from an earlier age, than in any previous generation. Not only in Asia but in the United States, Europe and also in Australia. It's a global phenomenon. In these times of urbanisation, education and digital technologies, the myopia problem will only get worse without intervention. It is predicted that half of the world's population will be short-sighted by the year 2050.

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