The Orthokeratology Shaping System (OSS) uses specially designed vision retainer lenses (reverse geometry gas permeable contact lenses) to gently and gradually reshape the front surface of the eye (the cornea) to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism. This technology is similar to the use of a dental retainer used by a dentist to realign crooked teeth. The vision retainers are similar to contact lenses and are usually worn while sleeping. They are removed upon awakening to provide clear vision throughout the day without using glasses or contact lenses! Nightly wear is recommended to maintain clear vision during the next day. The vision retainers are comfortable and very easy to care for.

Patients who wear these lenses are able to see well the next day without glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. By utilizing FDA approved materials, OSS is a safe and effective option for both children and adults. To find out more how a OSS vision retainer's work while you sleep, click here.

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