MiSight 1 Day: Myopia Control for Kids in Singapore

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MiSight 1 Day: Myopia Control for Kids in Singapore

MiSight 1 Day - Myopia Control Lens for Children


Are you concerned about your child's myopia progression? Look no further than MiSight 1 Day, the groundbreaking daily disposable soft contact lens designed specifically for myopia control in children and teenagers. At EMME Visioncare in Singapore, we are committed to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to combat myopia, and MiSight 1 Day is one of our top treatment options.


Understanding MiSight 1 Day

MiSight 1 Day, developed by CooperVision, is the world's first FDA-approved daily disposable myopia control contact lens. Its innovative lens technology incorporates a unique dual-focus design, featuring alternating distance correction and treatment zones. This approach is similar to orthokeratology (Ortho-K) and works by modifying peripheral optics at the front of the eye. This modulation of light focusing in the retina's periphery helps slow down eyeball elongation, ultimately reducing myopia progression and the risk of developing high myopia.

Who Can Benefit from MiSight?

MiSight 1 Day is suitable for any child or teenager experiencing myopia, especially those with a history of yearly progression and the potential for further eye elongation. There is no minimum age requirement for MiSight lens wearers, though younger children may require parental assistance with daily lens insertion and removal. MiSight lenses are currently available for prescriptions ranging from -0.25 to -10.00D.


Effectiveness of MiSight in Myopia Control

Extensive studies have shown significant myopia progression reduction and reduced eye elongation in children wearing dual-focus lenses like MiSight compared to traditional single vision contact lenses. A three-year clinical evaluation involving 144 children aged 8-12 years demonstrated a remarkable 59% effectiveness in slowing myopia progression. MiSight has been successfully used in East Asian countries with high childhood myopia prevalence, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, producing results comparable to Ortho-K in myopia control.

MiSight vs. Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

While both MiSight and Ortho-K are effective myopia control options, they have key differences:

Wear Time: MiSight is a daytime contact lens, requiring a minimum of 6+ days per week and 10+ hours per day for optimal myopia control, whereas Ortho-K lenses are worn during sleep.

Comfort: MiSight soft lenses offer better initial comfort than Ortho-K rigid lenses, with patients typically adapting well over time.

Hygiene and Safety: MiSight's daily disposable nature makes it potentially more hygienic and safer for young wearers. However, proper hygiene practices are essential, and MiSight lenses should not be worn while swimming.

Duration: Ortho-K lenses last for one year and require delicate care, while MiSight lenses are discarded daily.

Prescription Range: MiSight can be prescribed for prescriptions as low as -0.25D, with a maximum correction of -10.00D, while Ortho-K can correct higher levels of myopia and astigmatism, depending on suitability.

Choosing between MiSight and Ortho-K depends on factors such as age, maturity level, individual preferences, and suitability. Our experienced optometrists at EMME Visioncare will conduct an initial assessment to recommend the most suitable option for your child's myopia control needs.

At EMME Visioncare, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions for myopia control in Singapore. Contact us today to learn more about MiSight 1 Day and how it can help your child's vision and eye health.