Menicon miru

japanese technology & design

Miru = "to see" in Japanese

Introducing the world's thinnest flat pack contact lens, 1mm thin. Thin enough to place in your wallet.

For the most discerning individuals, Menicon Miru 1day, bi-weekly and 1month contact lenses were developed in Japan with a superior level of innovation and technology that you can expect from a premium Japanese product.

Miru 1 Day flat pack soft contact lenses

​The Miru 1day has a unique flat pack that is extraordinarily thin, yet easy to open and presents the lens the right way each time so you can simply pick it up and place it on your eye. Any time, anywhere.

Miru 1 Day Upside with Smart Touch Technology

A new generation of silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses with the packaging is designed to keep the inner surface of the lens facing downwards. This design makes it totally hygienic.

Miru 1 month

For regular wearers who prefer a monthly replacement lens, the Miru 1month features innovative lens surface technologies for better all-day comfort while minimising deposits and bacterial adhesion for safer lens wear. Outstanding oxygen transmission (Dk/t of 161 — one of the highest among all soft contact lenses) is delivered through its silicone hydrogel lens material. A large prescription range from +6.00D to -13.00D is available.

​Also available is the Miru 1 month toric for astigmatism correction and the Miru 1 month multifocal for individuals who need a little more help with their close-up focusing.

Video - Miru 1 Day

Video - Miru 1 Month

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