Jaycob Chin: Leading Vision Care & Optometry in Singapore

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Jaycob Chin: Leading Vision Care & Optometry in Singapore

Jaycob Chin


Jaycob CHIN | Optometrist

M.Sc. Optom (Aust), B.Sc. Optom. (U.S.A), Dip. Optom. (S'pore)
Full Registration of Optometrists and Opticians Board
Council Member of Singapore Optometric Association
Member of American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control

Based in Singapore, Jaycob Chin stands out as a distinguished optometrist with a holistic approach to vision care. Beyond the conventional prescription of glasses or contact lenses, Jaycob emphasizes comprehensive eye examinations that prioritize eye health. He is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of every patient he meets.

With an educational background spanning Singapore, the United States, and Australia, Jaycob's global exposure has reinforced his commitment to personalized eye care. He remains at the forefront of optometric technology, focusing on early prevention and detection of various ocular pathologies, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetes. Jaycob has a keen interest in specialized areas such as myopia control using orthokeratology and amblyopia in pediatric patients, as well as low vision and geriatric care.

His vast clinical experience ensures that patients receive tailored vision solutions that align with their work and lifestyle requirements. This encompasses a range of options from glasses and sunglasses to contact lenses and other therapeutic treatments. His passion for myopia management is evident, having recently secured a certification in Evidence-Based Myopia Management from UNSW.

In leadership roles, Jaycob has demonstrated his managerial prowess, overseeing store operations, spearheading staff training, and contributing to business development. He has also been instrumental in mentoring other optometrists, especially in the niche area of specialty contact lens fitting.

His dedication to education is unwavering, evident in his role as an Associate Lecturer and his ongoing pursuit of a Doctor of Optometry degree. He also boasts a Master's Degree in Clinical Optometry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jaycob is a fervent community contributor. He has collaborated with non-profit organizations across Singapore, offering complimentary comprehensive eye examinations to those in need. His efforts ensure that quality eye care is accessible even to the financially challenged.

Whether sharing his expertise on renowned platforms or guiding future optometrists, Jaycob's dedication to his profession and commitment to continuous learning solidify his reputation as a leading figure in the optometry field.