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Eyewear for You

Eyewear for you

Eyewear that define who you are. Reflect your own unique personality.

Make a statement. Have Fun. Or wear a timeless classic.

In our adult's eyewear collection we have designer pieces from Silhouette, Bolon and Swarovski, through to quality value options to suit your own style and budget. We carry a wide selection of children's glasses for toddlers to school age kids, many with robust 180-degree flex hinges, as well as a range of trendy and comfortable frames for teenagers. Many of our specially-selected eyewear pieces feature lightweight materials and an 'Asian Fit' design for a better fit on low nose bridges.

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Lenses made just for you


Have the best lenses to match your stunning frames. We use lenses crafted by French lens company Essilor, Carl Zeiss from Germany, Hoya from Japan and Shamir from Israel. Single vision, multifocals, bifocals, computer lenses, polarised sun lenses, blue-light protection lenses — we can recommend lenses to match your individual needs, perfectly.

Anti-glare lenses


All our lenses come with Crizal Sapphire anti-reflective coating as standard, as we believe this is an essential feature for you to enjoy the best vision. Clearer vision day and night, less eye strain, more attractive glasses. No more annoying reflective glare.

Available optional lens coating enhancements include: UV protection for extra protection against the sun, Crizal Sapphire for greater scratch resistance & easier cleaning, and Crizal Blue Filter to guard against potentially harmful blue light from LED screens and digital devices.

Contact lenses


Wouldn't it be great to be able to enjoy all the activities you love without having to wear glasses?

Contact lenses are your answer. They are easy to use, comfortable and don't hurt your eyes. We have the latest range of breathable, ultra-soft contact lenses. Choose between a daily disposable or a reusable monthly lens. We can correct almost all prescriptions, including astigmatism. And there's even multifocal contact lenses. There's no age limit for contact lenses — we have fitted children as young as 6, and we have happy contact lens wearers in their 70s.

We also fit Ortho-K overnight lenses that correct your vision during sleep and let you enjoy good vision during the day without your glasses. It's a safe alternative to laser surgery for adults, and for children it's one of the most effective methods of preventing the deterioration

of their short-sightedness.





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