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DITA Eyewear


The DITA Legacy: A Journey from California to the World

Explore the fascinating history of DITA, from its humble beginnings in California to becoming a global leader in luxury eyewear.

DITA was founded in 1995 by childhood friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper. They aimed to create high-quality and innovative eyewear inspired by classic Hollywood glamour. Their journey started with a passion for vintage frames of the '50s, leading to the birth of DITA as a luxury eyewear brand. Interestingly, the brand's name was inspired by the iconic burlesque dancer and model, Dita Von Teese.

Mastering Craftsmanship: The Art of Creating DITA Frames

Discover the meticulous craftsmanship behind each DITA frame, where quality and attention to detail are paramount.

DITA's commitment to quality is exemplified by the extensive craftsmanship that goes into each frame. It takes over 350 production steps and eight months to create a single DITA frame, involving up to 100 artisans and craftsmen. They use the highest-grade materials, including titanium, 18K gold, white gold, and Japanese Zyl, known for its superior quality and sustainability. DITA's traditional bamboo polishing process sets them apart, resulting in the signature glossy look of their frames.

Bridging Tradition and Technology: The DITA Production Process

Explore how DITA combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create eyewear that stands the test of time.

DITA employs cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) technology to craft their iconic frame shapes. Custom-made metal dies and specialized heat presses transform flat sheets of acetate into elegantly curved frame components. Expert craftsmen meticulously shape and measure eye rim wires, which are hand-soldered to the bridge and hand-polished. Throughout production, artisans monitor every detail to ensure the frames meet DITA's exceptionally high-quality standards.

Timeless Elegance: Iconic DITA Designs

Take a closer look at some of DITA's most iconic eyewear designs, celebrated for their timeless appeal.

DITA's designs are known for their timeless elegance and absence of flashy logos. Their frames speak for themselves. The Decade-One and Decade-Two limited edition models pay homage to the brand's heritage. The Heartbreaker, a modern cat-eye design, and the Mach I, inspired by speed, are among their bestsellers. For women, the Condors and Medina are also popular choices. In contrast, the Flight and Mach series cater to men, offering sleek and stylish options.

Celebrities and Collaborations: DITA's Star-Studded Journey

Explore DITA's star-studded collaborations and discover which celebrities have embraced their eyewear.

DITA has collaborated with prominent names such as Alexander Wang, Visvim, Cazal, Neighbourhood, Undercover, and Clot. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz, and more have been spotted wearing DITA frames. The brand's recurring collaboration with Dita Von Teese and fashion designer Thom Browne has been particularly successful. The Thom Browne series, in particular, has been favored by celebrities like Chris Brown, The Weekend, and Hailey Bieber.

Optical Excellence: DITA's Statesman and Hollywood Icons

Discover DITA's optical eyewear category, featuring the iconic Statesman frame and beloved by Hollywood icons.

The Statesman frame, made of acetate and titanium, pays homage to Hollywood's Golden Age. This frame put DITA on the map and has been worn by celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and David Beckham. Its classic design continues to captivate those who appreciate timeless style.

Beyond Eyewear: DITA's Impactful Partnerships

Learn about DITA's influential partnerships, including collaborations with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and world champion aerobatic pilot Kirby Chambliss.

DITA's partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in 2018 aimed to push the limits of high-end optical craft and design. Additionally, they collaborated with Kirby Chambliss, an aerobatic pilot, to create eyewear suited to his lifestyle. The Lancier line, inspired by athletes, offers impact-resistant, lightweight, and durable frames tailored to sports enthusiasts.

The Future of DITA: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Get a glimpse of what the future holds for DITA, a brand known for its quality, style, and unwavering commitment to innovation.

With almost three decades of excellence, DITA continues to modernize traditional frame constructions while maintaining its dedication to quality. As a brand that never rests on its laurels, DITA is poised to lead the eyewear industry into an exciting future, setting new standards for luxury eyewear.