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Eye infections are common, especially in kids. Bacterial conjunctivitis is particularly contagious as it passes easily with contact from child to child in daycare, or between child and parent. Conjunctivitis typically presents as a pink eye with yellow or watery discharge.

​Contact lens wearers are also at higher risk of developing infections more serious than simple conjunctivitis. The types of bacteria that cause contact lens-related infections can cause more damage such as a corneal ulcer and can be more resistant to treatment. It is imperative to always clean and disinfect contact lenses properly as instructed by your optometrist, and to avoid contact with tap water or other potential sources of contamination. The safest contact lenses are daily-disposable lenses that are discarded after each use.

Other acute red or pink eye conditions include viral conjunctivitis, viral keratitis (including eye 'cold sores'), seasonal (hayfever) or allergic conjunctivitis, foreign body in the eye, inflammed eye, and subconjunctival hemorrhage. We are trained to diagnose and differentiate between different kinds of red eye presentations, as the treatment can vary greatly depending on the cause.

Our optometrist is qualified to detect and identify most eye infections and causes of pink eyes. As a primary eye care provider, an optometrist is best equipped to examine and assess the front of the eye closely. While general medical practitioners (GPs) are amazing at looking after your general health, many do prescribe Chlorsig (a common broad-spectrum antibiotic eye drop) as a go-to eye drop when a patient presents with a pink eye, when in some cases a different or more specific treatment may be more appropriate. We can work closely with your GP to determine the most suitable treatment for your pink eye.

If you or your child has a pink eye, book an appointment to see our optometrist as soon as possible.

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