Eyes are precious

let us look after them

Comprehensive Eye Examination

​At EMME Visioncare, an eye examination is much more than a simple update of your prescription.

We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of personalised vision care, utilising the latest in eye care technologies, in a professional, relaxed and comfortable environment.

​Our optometrists and opticians understand your needs and concerns about

your eyesight and eye health.

Our modern consulting room is fully equipped to provide you with the best eye care experience.

Why Us?

Detailed Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye examinations take 30-40 minutes. We spend more time thoroughly assessing your eyes, then discussing your vision and eye health issues with you. We will even show you how your eyes look inside. So you'll never feel rushed, and you'll have a better understanding of your own eyes.

Advance Digital Eye Care

Our advanced digital technologies allow us to look after your eyes better. We can assess and refine your vision more precisely, examine and image the outside and inside of your eyes, enabling us to pinpoint any small changes that may occur in your eyes over time. Preventative eye care is a focus at our clinic.

Evidence-Based Eye Care Approach

Our eye care treatment plans are based on the latest published research available, here and overseas. As a leading optometrist in childhood myopia control, you can be sure to hear about the newest myopia treatment options and products from us as soon as they become available in Singapore.

Clear & Simple

​We will explain to you in clear and simple terms about your eyes or your kids' eyes, so you have a complete understanding of the test results and any eye conditions we found. As part of our children's vision assessment, we also provide a concise written report for you to take home, and a copy for your child's teacher at school.

True Independence

We are proud to be an independent, family-owned practice and that means we can provide you with a wider range of eyewear products from a greater number of suppliers than mainstream corporate optometrists with limited preferred commercial partners. Our recommendations are always based on what is best for your eyes.

Eye Care You Can Trust

Our optometrist has more than 15 years of clinical experience and is therapeutically endorsed, which means we can prescribe medical treatments for many eye conditions, including eye infections, inflammation and glaucoma. All clinical tests are performed by our experienced optometrist, and by not retail associates. With us, you're always in good hands every step of the way.

What to Expect at your Eye Examination

Detailed Vision Check

Our optometrist starts by measuring your current vision and any glasses you may have. We take an initial digital measurement of your eyes, then check your focusing both far away and close up. We assess how well your eyes work together and test your colour vision. These tests determine whether you need corrective lenses, or a prescription update, so you can see your very best.

External Eye Check

​Next, we check the front segment of your eyes. This involves checking for cataracts, dry eye and the health of your cornea - especially important for contact lenses wearers. We also gently measure your eye pressures, without needing numbing eye drops. Potential contact lens wearers will have the surface of their eye precisely imaged with an instrument called a corneal topographer.

Internal Eye Check

​Checking the inside of your eyes is vital to maintain good eye health. We will examine your retina, optic nerve and macula, looking for any signs of abnormality or disease. Digital retinal imaging is included for all our patients to monitor for subtle changes over time. In some cases dilating eye drops may be used to enlarge your pupils, to look even further into your eyes.

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