10 Year Challenge in Myopia

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10 Year Challenge in Myopia

10 Year Challenge in Myopia

Myopia, also known as shortsightedness, has been a great concern to many parents. Noticeably when their own kids are spending many hours in front of 'hard to put down' gadgets. Also, after realizing their own kids have been changing glasses with new 'stronger, thicker and clearer' prescription every year without fail. 

Studies and researches on myopia has been ongoing intensively for many years and till date, in the recent findings by Brien Holden Vision Institute, it has been estimated that half the world population will become myopic. 

This is how a myopic person sees:

the higher the prescription, the blurrer it gets...

Myopic Vision 1

Myopic Vision 2

Myopic Vision 3

Myopic Vision 4

Photo credit: philipbarlow 

The '10 year' challenge for every parent right now is that it is really difficult to detect whether the child sitting right in front of them is seeing clearly. As a child, who is always learning with different activities in their daily lives, can't recognize or tell the first symptom of blur vision because they do not learn what is blur vision.

When the child is first diagnosed with myopia, he/she ought to has his/her vision corrected fully. Furthermore, various studies have shown there are a few treatments to slow down the progression of myopia. By slowing down, it means the prescription of the child's eye power is maintained as time goes by. With the right myopia control lenses, we may reduce the risk of any myopic eye diseases from occurring in the future!

EMM3 Visioncare urges all the parents to have their child checked by a qualified Optometrist in Singapore and it is always better to detect first than sorry. 

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