The Remarkable Benefits of Orthokeratology

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The Remarkable Benefits of Orthokeratology

Ortho-K: Clear Vision at EMME Visioncare


Discover the incredible advantages of Orthokeratology (Orthok) at EMME Visioncare. If you've ever dreamed of achieving clear vision without the need for corrective lenses, this groundbreaking treatment could be your answer. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the numerous benefits that Orthokeratology offers.

  1. Achieve Clear Vision Without Corrective Lenses

    • Orthokeratology isn't just about reshaping your dreams; it's about reshaping your cornea too. With this revolutionary treatment, you can attain 6/6 vision, or at the very least, 6/9 vision, meeting the minimum requirement for driving without corrective lenses in Singapore.
  2. Correct Multiple Vision Problems

    • While Orthokeratology is renowned for myopia correction, it can also effectively address mild cases of presbyopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Your experienced optometrist at EMME Visioncare will determine if this treatment suits your specific vision needs.
  3. Swift Correction for Swift Results

    • Imagine bidding farewell to glasses or contact lenses after just one night of Orthokeratology treatment. Even for those with stronger prescriptions, optimal results can be achieved within two to three weeks, making this one of the fastest vision correction methods available.
  4. Day-Long Clarity

    • Orthok lenses work their magic at night, granting you exceptional vision during the day. In some cases, the effects can last for up to two full days, freeing you from the need for daytime corrective lenses.
  5. Comfort at Its Best

    • Say goodbye to daytime discomfort associated with rigid gas-permeable lenses. With Orthokeratology, you wear the lenses only while you sleep, so they won't interfere with your daytime activities or cause discomfort.
  6. Bid Farewell to Dry Eye

    • If dry eyes have plagued your contact lens-wearing experience, Orthokeratology is the solution. Since these lenses are worn exclusively at night, you'll no longer suffer from dry eye symptoms during the day.
  7. Safety First

    • Your vision's safety is paramount. Orthokeratology is a noninvasive, safe treatment with no known long-term visual risks. It's so safe that even children can benefit from it, making it a preferred choice over permanent corneal alterations like LASIK.
  8. Slowing Myopia Progression

    • Tired of constantly adjusting to a stronger prescription? Orthokeratology can slow down the progression of myopia, providing a potential long-term solution for your vision needs.
  9. Flexible Treatment Options

    • With Orthokeratology, you remain in control. You can discontinue treatment at any time or choose LASIK in the future, provided you suspend Orthokeratology for several months before proceeding with LASIK.

Experience the life-changing benefits of Orthokeratology at EMME Visioncare. Say goodbye to glasses and daytime contacts while enjoying the convenience, safety, and flexibility this innovative treatment offers. Discover your path to clear, comfortable vision without the constraints of traditional corrective lenses.

Our Optometrist


Introducing Jaycob Chin, a distinguished optometrist at EMME Visioncare, Singapore. With his extensive educational background from Singapore, the USA, and Australia, Jaycob brings a holistic approach to vision care, prioritizing comprehensive eye health over mere prescription fulfillment. He specializes in myopia control using Orthokeratology, amblyopia in pediatric patients, low vision, and geriatric care. Jaycob's commitment to personalized care is evident in his tailored vision solutions, fitting a range of needs from glasses to therapeutic treatments. His leadership and educational roles further highlight his expertise and dedication to advancing the field of optometry. For more information about Jaycob Chin and his role at EMME Visioncare, please visit here.