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About Us

About Us

Your vision 
is in good hands

Your vision
is in good hands

EMME Visioncare is so much more than about glasses. We are dedicated to primary eye care, which means you can come see us first about any concern you have about your eyes. Besides vision correction, our team of optometrists and opticians is endorsed by the Optometrist and Optician Board to prescribe ophthalmic lenses for vision correction and therapeutic contact lenses.

Change the way you think about Optometry.

EMME Visioncare is so much more than about glasses. We are dedicated to primary eye care, which means you can come see us first about any concern you have about your eyes. Besides vision correction, our team of optometrists and opticians is endorsed by the Optometrist and Optician Board to prescribe ophthalmic lenses for vision correction and therapeutic contact lenses.

We place the care of your eyes and eye health first.

Which is why, at our practice you'll notice most of our premises is dedicated to eye testing and clinical care, with a complete suite of the latest in advanced eye care diagnostic technologies. We are not just another glasses shop. And as we believe that personalised eye care should be accessible to all, our comprehensive vision and eye health consultations. For everyone.

We are dedicated to  helping children with myopia.

We are dedicated to helping children with myopia.

Our optometrist has an interest in myopia control and orthokeratology to prevent and slow the progression of short-sightedness in kids and teenagers.

As a small practice which offers a complete range of evidence-based myopia management options — including both optical and medical treatments — we are proud of what we do to prevent vision deterioration in children and to give them the best possible vision in life. As a parent you can expect our unbiased professional opinion as to which myopia control strategy is best for your child.

Preventative eye care is what this practice is about.​ Discover why parents from all across Singapore are choosing EMME Visioncare for their children's vision care.

The myopia epidemic is real.

The myopia epidemic is real.

Short-sightedness is not just a vision issue, or a matter of wearing glasses. It is an eye condition with potentially serious consequences and risk of permanent vision impairment. While wearing glasses or contact lenses help to temporarily mask this condition by eliminating blur, a short-sighted eye is more prone to developing disease as the eye has been physically and permanently stretched from growing too long. Myopia is a children's health issue.

​More kids around the world are developing vision problems from myopia, and from an earlier age, than in any previous generation. Not only in Asia but in the United States, Europe and also in Australia. It's a global phenomenon. In these times of urbanisation, education and digital technologies, the myopia problem will only get worse without intervention. It is predicted that half of the world's population will be short-sighted by the year 2050.




Jaycob CHIN | Optometrist

M.Sc. Optom (Aust), B.Sc. Optom. (U.S.A), Dip. Optom. (S'pore)
Full Registration of Optometrists and Opticians Board
Council Member of Singapore Optometric Association
Member of American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control


Based in Singapore, Jaycob Chin stands out as a distinguished optometrist with a holistic approach to vision care. Beyond the conventional prescription of glasses or contact lenses, Jaycob emphasizes comprehensive eye examinations that prioritize eye health. He is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of every patient he meets.

With an educational background spanning Singapore, the United States, and Australia, Jaycob's global exposure has reinforced his commitment to personalized eye care. He remains at the forefront of optometric technology, focusing on early prevention and detection of various ocular pathologies, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetes. Jaycob has a keen interest in specialized areas such as myopia control and amblyopia in pediatric patients, as well as low vision and geriatric care.

His vast clinical experience ensures that patients receive tailored vision solutions that align with their work and lifestyle requirements. This encompasses a range of options from glasses and sunglasses to contact lenses and other therapeutic treatments. His passion for myopia management is evident, having recently secured a certification in Evidence-Based Myopia Management from UNSW.

In leadership roles, Jaycob has demonstrated his managerial prowess, overseeing store operations, spearheading staff training, and contributing to business development. He has also been instrumental in mentoring other optometrists, especially in the niche area of specialty contact lens fitting.

His dedication to education is unwavering, evident in his role as an Associate Lecturer and his ongoing pursuit of a Doctor of Optometry degree. He also boasts a Master's Degree in Clinical Optometry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jaycob is a fervent community contributor. He has collaborated with non-profit organizations across Singapore, offering complimentary comprehensive eye examinations to those in need. His efforts ensure that quality eye care is accessible even to the financially challenged.

Whether sharing his expertise on renowned platforms or guiding future optometrists, Jaycob's dedication to his profession and commitment to continuous learning solidify his reputation as a leading figure in the optometry field.



Shawn Au_ Optician_ EMME Visioncare

Shawn AU | Optometrist

Opticianry Competency (Dispensing & Refraction) 
Dip. Optom. (S'pore)


Shawn Au is a seasoned and highly respected optician hailing from the vibrant city-state of Singapore. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Shawn has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of countless individuals through his expertise in optometry. His journey is a testament to his dedication to the field, his passion for helping others, and his continuous pursuit of knowledge.

Born and raised in Singapore, Shawn's early fascination with optics and eyewear laid the foundation for his illustrious career. He embarked on his professional journey as an optician, becoming a fully registered optician in Singapore. Throughout his career, Shawn has had the privilege of working across diverse settings, including corporate establishments, independent practices, and supply chain operations. His broad spectrum of experiences has provided him with a deep understanding of the optical industry's intricacies.

One of Shawn's standout achievements is his proficiency in ophthalmic lenses, acquired through extensive experience in a multinational ophthalmic lens lab located in Singapore. This unique expertise has empowered him to craft lenses of the highest quality, tailored to the precise needs of his customers. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have solidified his reputation as a trusted optical professional in Singapore.

What sets Shawn apart is his empathetic approach to optometry. He firmly believes in viewing the world through the eyes of his customers, allowing him to prescribe optical solutions that not only improve vision but also enhance their overall lifestyles. He thrives on the challenges presented by customers' diverse vision issues, specializing in fitting a wide range of lenses, including progressives, office lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, and those designed for myopia control.

In addition to his extensive optical experience, Shawn is deeply committed to giving back to his community. As a father of two, he is particularly passionate about addressing the rising myopia epidemic among children in Singapore. Shawn established this family practice with a vision to provide the highest quality eye care to those in need, especially families with young children. His dedication to this cause is evident in his tireless efforts to promote eye health and myopia control initiatives.

To further enhance his capabilities and stay at the forefront of his field, Shawn recently completed his Diploma in Optometry at Singapore Polytechnic. He recognizes that ongoing education is essential in delivering the best possible care to his community, and he eagerly applies his newly acquired knowledge to benefit his patients.

Shawn's ability to connect with people extends beyond his professional life. Fluent in both Mandarin and Hokkien, he effortlessly communicates with a diverse range of patients, ensuring that language is never a barrier to quality eye care.

Beyond the realm of optometry, Shawn's warm-hearted nature is evident in his active involvement with non-profit organizations. He generously dedicates his time and expertise to support the community, particularly as a counselor in a gambling rehabilitation center.

In essence, Shawn Au is not only a skilled optician but also a compassionate and community-driven individual. His journey is characterized by a deep-seated commitment to improving the lives of others through vision care and community service, making him a true asset to Singapore's optical and social landscape. Shawn's story continues to evolve as he remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence in optometry and his passion for helping those in need.