2 Week Menicon Rei Toric

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2 Week Menicon Rei Toric


2 Week Menicon Rei Toric

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Product Description

The lens bears a flower pattern on it.
Actually, this flower design is the secret to a natural look when wearing coloured contact lenses.
Contoured in the shape of a flower petal, the fine-grain “flower dots” blend in with the color of your iris to create a seamless, natural look around the lens periphery.

A covering film prevents pigment from direct contact with the eyes. Pigments are retained firmly inside the film even after daily wear for two weeks.
High water content of 72% assures high oxygen permeability for the health of your eyes even after longer hours of wearing.
Lenses are less likely to slip out of place due to the large 7.0 mm inner diameter of the coloured area. This ensures un-disturbed vision even when you blink your eyes.
Made of non-ionic material which provides high resistance to protein deposits, ensuring great comfort over a two-week period.
Made in Japan, Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for the good quality of its natural water resources.

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Product details

Lens type: Spherical
Usage: Bi-Weekly
Material: N-dimethyl acrylamide (Hydrogel)
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Centre Thickness: 0.11mm (-3.00D lens)
Water of content: 72%
Dk/t: 34 x 10-9
Power Range: 0.00 to -6.00D (0.25 step), -6.50D to -10.00D (0.50 step)
Toric power: -0.75 x 180
Lens color: Mild Black, Nudy Brown
Manufacturer: Menicon