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EMME Visioncare is committed to being the best Optometry Practice in Singapore. We offer proactive, quality eye care in a safe and comfortable environment. At EMME Visioncare, your sight is our number one priority, and we make sure to meet all your needs in a timely manner.

For the last three years using these Ortho-K Custom lenses, my life has truly changed a lot. Putting the contacts in and out is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. The best part is that I don’t have to wear glasses any more!

Leo P

I'm very pleased with my results. Just after one night wearing the contact lenses, I can see just as well as I could with my day soft contact lenses except I have NO LENSES in. I was afraid that I would not be able to sleep in hard contacts but I just put them in and go to sleep. My eyes feel the same as if I had soft contacts in when I wake up. Ortho-K is a good alternative to surgery. I would recommend it!

I've been using corneal reshaping lenses for over 3 years. I wake up at 6am every morning and put in long days at work. I am a teacher and father of two. The last thing I want to be worried about is my vision. Orthokeratology Shaping System has afforded me the opportunity to do all my jobs and perform at a high level without the headache of contact lenses or glasses throughout the day. I can honestly and happily say I will never go back to contacts or glasses again.

Ang B

I have been doing spectacles for the past 30+ odd years and been to countless shops local or overseas be it traditional or trendy shops such as OWNDAYS. Expensive or cheap, to be honest ,few managed to impress for the spectacles done. The recent spectacle done by OWNDAYS beside the price point has not served my eyes well, did more damage than good and definitely did not solved my eyes long-standing issue with blur wordings on LCD signage. Thru the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I decide to give them a try. The way they conduct eye checks was professional, and most importantly they do not rush through and was patience enough to ensure my eye degree fluctuations and discrepancies during the check was properly address and dispel. Most importantly, this spectacle solve my eye problems with LCD signage which was most troubling to my eyes through the last 5 years. My left eye does not feel strained compared to the previous spectacle done by OWNDAYS as they have overpowered it by 5 times for the left len. Highly recommended for the job done and service.

Adrian C

Liu C

After one day of using Orthokeratology Shaping System, I realized this method matched my lifestyle perfectly.  No longer did I have to rely on unwieldy glasses or bothersome soft contact lenses. Orthokeratology enabled me to progress in my career, studies and hobbies without those burdensome apparatuses. 
Orthokeratology fits my needs and concerns perfectly.  Currently,
I have achieved greater vision (6/6) than previously capable. I recommend this technology to anyone seeking a simple, effective and non-surgical way to enhance their vision and life! 

Khoo Z

Friendly and approachable staffs that is giving their best abilities to recommend product that is within my budget . They are fast in understanding my needs without much saying and display both professional eye care services and knowledge . Thumbs up for their services !

Jeffrey S

I am extremely satisfied with my experience! The whole process from selecting the frames and lenses, to ensuring accurate Rx info along with complete eye checks and eye care advises was top notch. The staffs I spoke with were all very friendly, thorough, professional and helpful. I have a high bar when it comes to service business expectations and you guys surpassed it. I will highly recommend your service to others and already have. Thank you.

Ong G

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